Hoo Hah Socials 2017/18

Date: Saturday 1st
Place: Start: The Swan (pub)
Time: 7.30pm
The Table is booked from 7.30pm onwards at The Swan in Chiswick for food (Christmas Menu) http://www.theswanchiswick.co.uk/christmas/
During this time we will also have the egg parade (Theme this year 'Eggstraordinary People') then the customary egg and spoon race to the next pub -The George and Dragon (Acton) and then end at The Aeronaut for late drinks and dancing.

Click here for location map

A previous Egg Parade, and one er..scrambled owner!

Date: Friday 19thy
Place: Start: One Over the Ait (pub)
Time: 8pm
Plan is to meet up around 7.30 -8pm have a couple of drinks, once everyone is here move on visiting pubs along the river Bulls Head, London Barge or the Pilot, heading back into Chiswick.

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Date: Friday 6th July
Place: Acton Park
Time: 7pm
Price: £8.50 pp
Plan is to get there around 7 - 7.15pm order pizza and beer then play a round before 9pm then onto the Rocket or other local pub!

Click here for location map

Thought it would be good to organise an evening of bowling as an alternative to the Quiz night! Asked around last night and seemed to get good responses from people. Plan is to go bowling at Park Royal Bowling Centre.Let me know you’re availability also if you don’t want to go so I can take you off the list and you won’t get bombarded


Hi All,
One of our very good ex-swimmers Michael Woolston Thomas who left the club a while ago for a career in the theatre is doing very well and currently appearing in the West End Musical 'Motown'!

We thought it might be a good idea if anyone is interested, in organising a Hoo Hahs trip to the Theatre, Michael has sent me a code so we can get tickets which normally cost £70 for £30

We could probably organise it around a meal and a drink or two - as Saturday proved we can certainly drink! - Though I’d suggest no shots before we enter the theatre : )

Anyway if you’re interested please let me know performances are 19.30 and we were thinking of maybe mid to end of November mid week as it will probably be really busy the closer we get to xmas.

I think for the first round of emails just let me know Yes or No if you’re interested then we can firm up some dates If you’re definitely not I can remove you from the Motown emails and you won’ be bombarded : )

here’s the link:

We can chat about it at the pool too